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Description: www.merchantnavycentre.com/ APPLY ONLINE FORM Join Merchant Navy -10th/12th pass* High Salary. JOIN MERCHANT NAVY* SALARY RS:-25,500 T0 85,000 Monthly/Best Carrier IN MERCHANT NAVY /- Seaman / Pre Sea /GP Rating/Deck cadet/Marine Technician /Minimum Age-17 Years to 29 Years* Education 8th PASS/10th PASS/12th PASS/Graduate PASS/ITI PASS/BTECH- pass STUDENT WITH 100% JOB ASISTANT GURANTED We book all kinds of Merchant Navy Joining Courses we arrange Logging for Trainee Candidates. Certification Services:- We issue Liberian CDC, Panama CDC, Bahamas CDC, Belize CDC & Indian CDC (Indian CDC for DEEE/BEEE) Liberian/Panama/Belize -  All Marine Medical Watch Keeping (Verify) , C.O.C (Verify) , D.C.E (Verify For Latest Sponsorship Programs Admission in D.G (Gov of INDIA) & Non D.G Colleges (DG APPROVED COLLEGES (DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF SHIPPING) (Gov of INDIA) And Latest Sponsorship Programs Admission in INTERNATIONAL COLLAGES STUDY IN ABROAD we book IELTS International Study Merchant Navy is a highly professional, technologically advanced industry catering to millions of people worldwide. The Merchant Navy is a peaceful global body which is into transportation of goods and people. Merchant Navy in a simpler way can be defined as a commercial fleet, handling cargo by ship. It comprises of passengers vessels, cargo, cruise liners, and other specialized ships to carry goods from one country to another. To be eligible to opt for a career in merchant navy one should undergo certified pre sea training course. Offers various pre sea training courses and programmer for 8th/10th, /12th, Diploma / Polytechnic degree holders and graduate students. http://www.merchantnavycentre.com/ OFFERED 1.       GP Rating 2.       Deck Cadet 3.       Saloon Rating 4.       Engine Rating 5.       Fitter 6.       Welder 7.       Cook 8.       Stewards 9.       Seaman                              

Company :

Salary : Above Rs.960000 PA

Min Experience : 0.0 Years

JobGuru Relevance : 0.5

Locations : ASSAM  

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